restlessly yawing between apparent extremes


w a d e
j e n n i n g s

I feel compelled by unknown forces to make music, write poetry, prose, lyric, paint, and design. I have a deep love for the arts and for those who find themselves losing all time and space in the process of creating. Here you will find a site that is a constant and ever growing amalgamation of thoughts and creativity. I am always adding new material and will update the site frequently. I may or may not possess a particular craft or discipline but will throw myself into the abyss to discover something new. If you are inspired in any way shape or form by any of this, please share or start your own project right now. Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as creative or ready to pick up a brush, a guitar, or a pen to write. Remember, there are NO RULES. Do it now and never look back.

Me: Graphic Designer, musician, artist, and humanist restlessly yawing between apparent extremes. Visit me on Instagram

Visit me on Instagram